Womens’ supposed greater sex drive was an argument for their inferiority, but once the assumption became reversed, no one argued that mens’ lustfulness was a sign of a fundamental irrationality that should preclude them from business and politics. Rather than a handicap, a large sexual appetite was positive once it came to be seen as a characteristic of men. Women, being passionless, supposedly lacked the drive and ambition to succeed. Much like sex, the public realm of work was dirty and distasteful, hardly suitable to womens’ delicate sensibilities.

When Women Wanted Sex Much More Than Men

Really interesting article about how the perceptions of sex (especially sex drive) have basically reversed gender roles in the past few hundred years.

…and no matter what the outcome is, women still seem to end up at home.

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This is why we cant win no matter how much we refute their logic:we have already lost, these are just their justifications to keep us busy.

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The goal posts are always moving.

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Club Lysistrata. 

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Tumblr Hosts New York Android Developers Meetup

Nearly 200 eager Android developers stopped by the Tumblr office for 3 talks focusing on the importance of Design in Android.  Our own kevinthebigapple spoke on the importance of building beautiful, design first sowftare for the platform.  Much Pizza was consumed, thank’s to the organizers of this fine event any everyone who showed up!

Nice job guys! Amazing turnout!